About Fluent Money Group

Fluent Money was founded in September 2008 by Kevin Hindley, Tim Wheeldon, Simon Moore and Paul Ford. The aim was to provide customers and partners with access to a market leading Secured Loans customer journey. They wanted to provide a digital journey to ensure a customer could access secured loan products with the minimum of friction and touch points. This led to the launch of their Smartphone App that allowed customers the ability to receive real time push notifications so they could fully track their case progress, the first of its kind within the UK Secured Loans industry. Now, around 1 in 5 Secured Loans written anywhere in the UK are transacted through Fluent Money.

Fluent Loans was then launched in April 2014 and the aim here was to support the Fluent Money business with unsecured loan options for its partners and customers.

In July 2017 Fluent then acquired a Mortgage Brokerage, Brytannic Extra Finance, which was subsequently renamed to Fluent Mortgages with the sole aim to replicate the customer experience and journey created in Fluent Money and bring a digital journey to 1st Mortgages for Fluent’s partners and customers.

In September 2018 Fluent Lifetime was launched to ensure Fluent’s partners and customers could also be supported on any Lifetime Mortgage lending products too.